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Navajo Nation Drops To “Moderate-Low Restrictions” As COVID-19 Numbers Drop

As COVID-19 numbers are slowly dropping, the Navajo Nation announced today they are no longer in “orange” code, and are into “yellow” code. “Orange” code was considered to have moderate to high restrictions with only 50-percent of maximum occupancy allowed in most indoor businesses. Only group meetings of 15 people or less were permitted for youth programs and gyms and recreational facilities were not open. Now in the new “yellow” code, the Navajo Nation is considered to have moderation to low restrictions. Now, 75-percent of maximum occupancy is allowed in most indoor businesses and 25-percent maximum occupancy is allowed inside gyms, recreational facilities, and wellness centers. Youth programs and flea markets are now allowed, as long as Health Command Operations Center’s guidelines are met. The new plan is effective on the Navajo Nation immediately.

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