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Mt. Elden Human Remains Identified As Missing Phoenix Man

A camper, whose remains were found on Mt. Elden two years after being reported missing, has been identified. The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office says the remains are of a man who went missing in 2017. The remains of Mark Austin Dunne of Phoenix were found by a hiker in 2019. Intermountain Forensics of Salt Lake City was used to help identify the remains after they were sent to the Coconino County Medical Examiner. Dunne’s identity was revealed using the forensic genetic genealogy process, which combines DNA analysis with genealogy to solve crimes and identify missing people. Intermountain Forensics then built a DNA profile, compared it with existing genealogy records and identified a family line. By February, Dunne had a potential match. The initial scene investigation suggests Dunne was camping in the area for an extended period, though his cause of death remains unknown.

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