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Monsoon Flooding Has Caused Nearly $4-Million In Damage To Infrastructure And Property In Flagstaff So Far

Monsoon flooding has caused nearly four-million dollars in damage to public infrastructure and to private property in Flagstaff so far. Coconino County Flood Control District officials say around $2.6-million dollars of damage has been done to 83 different sites in Flagstaff from flood waters, while around $1.1-million dollars of damage has been done to about 81 pieces of private property, 66 of which reported interior damage with 15 having exterior damage. If your home has been impacted by flood waters, call the Museum Flood Area Call Center at (928) 679-8525. Work crews continue to reset and fortify barriers and sandbags in the Museum flood area. There is a chance we may see additional flooding every day, thanks to Monsoon thunderstorms, through at least the early part of next week.

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