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Man Arrested After A Confrontation With A Police Officer Wednesday In Flagstaff

A man was arrested Wednesday after he wouldn’t leave the West Flagstaff Walmart and then allegedly assaulted a Flagstaff Police officer. An officer responded to a report of a man, thought to be known as “Donald Walus,” wouldn’t leave the store when management asked him to. Walus reportedly told the manager “he didn’t have to leave, because the manager didn’t own the land.” Under Arizona law, the person commits trespassing if they remain on real property after a reasonable request to leave by law enforcement, the owner, or any other person who has lawful control of the property, such as the manager of the store. The officer arrived and tried to talk to Walus, who was later identified as Justus Law. Law refused and tried to walk away. The officer explained to the man he had to stay and talk to him because he was accused of trespassing. Law disagreed and tried to keep walking. The suspect is a large, African-American male, who was wearing a brown hat, brown shirt and black shorts and was playing guitar in front of the store. After not stopping when directed by the officer, tensions between Law and the officer rose and the incident became physical. At one time Law cocked his hand back like he was going to strike the officer. The officer tried several times unsuccessfully to place Law in handcuffs. Two other males arrived on the scene and helped the officer get Law to the ground and place him under arrest. Law was booked into the Coconino County Jail on charges of trespassing, failure to identify, resisting arrest, aggravated assault and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Click here to watch the officer’s footage of the incident.

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