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Holbrook Police Have Received Reports Of People Pointing Laser Pointers At Aircraft Recently

Holbrook Police say they have received reports of people pointing laser pointers at aircraft recently. Officials say they have received two reports, one on Saturday. The laser is reportedly coming from north of Interstate 40 from within the city limits. Pointing a laser pointer at aircraft is a federal offense, punishable up to five years in prison if convicted. According to the FAA: “Many high-powered lasers can incapacitate pilots flying aircraft that may be carrying hundreds of passengers. Federal Aviation Regulations by shining lasers at aircraft and can impose civil penalties of up to $11,000 per violation. The FAA has imposed civil penalties up to $30,800 against people for multiple laser incidents.” Police say Saturday’s report was someone using a green laser. If anyone sees someone doing this, call your local law enforcement agency.

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