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Higher Demand For Gas And Lower Supply Driving Gas Prices Even Higher In Arizona This Week

Higher demand for gas is sending gas prices higher as supplies remain low. Triple-A Arizona says the price at the pump rose 14-cents a gallon this week to $4.86 a gallon, which is the highest recorded average in the state. Diesel prices are up about two-cents a gallon this week from last week on average. Triple-A Arizona spokesman Aldo Vazquez says “there was some optimism that crude prices could fall this week if demand concerns continued to weigh the market down, however what we are seeing is that’s not the case.” He adds, “as long as crude oil prices continue to be above $105 a barrel, we can anticipate to keep seeing these higher gas prices.” Vazquez says the Russia-Ukrainan conflict continues to have an effect on the world oil market. In Flagstaff, regular gas is up about a half-cent to $4.76 a gallon on average, while diesel is up just over two-cents a gallon from last week to $5.62 a gallon. In Prescott, gas prices remain unchanged for a second week, staying at $4.64 a gallon on average. Diesel prices in Prescott were up a cent from last week to $5.49 a gallon.