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“Go” Status To Remain In Effect For The Tunnel Fire Until At Least Sunday Morning

The Coconino County Sheriff’s office says the “Go” evacuation status will remain in effect until at least Sunday morning, as over 100 properties impacted by the fire. Sheriff Jim Driscoll says the decision was made due to the forecast change in wind direction, wind speeds and gusts this weekend. Areas in “Go” status are all areas north of Campbell Road to Sunset Crater Road, east and west of Highway 89, This includes Timberline, Fernwood, Wuptaki Trails, Girls Ranch Road, Lenox Park, Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument and the areas around Moon Crater. Areas in “Set” status includes: areas south of Campbell Road to Elden Springs Road east and west of Highway 89, Antelope Hills, the areas north and east of Moon Crater to the Navajo Nation. It includes Hutchison Acres, Anasazi Trails and the north end of Doney Park. Sheriff’s officials say there are around 109 properties that have been impacted by the fire, including 30 homes that were burned. Twenty-four properties with outbuildings have been destroyed. All owners have been notified of their loss. For information about the Tunnel Fire, log onto the Coconino County website.

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