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“Go” Status Improves To “Set” In North Doney Park, Fernwood Estates, Hutchinson Acres, Swede Acres, and Johnson Ranch

Evacuations in north Doney Park have been lifted. Coconino County Sheriff’s officials say the communities of North Doney Park, Macann Estates and Silver Saddle Trailer Park are being moved from “Go” to “Set” status. Residents who evacuated are being allowed to their homes. Also put back into “SET” is Fernwood Estates, Hutchinson Acres, Swede Acres, and Johnson Ranch. This includes residents on roads connecting to Sunset Boulevard, Last Chance Road, Morningside Road, Black Bill Road, East Campbell Avenue east of Highway 89, Kaitlyn Way, Swede Road, Johnson Ranch Road, and East Landfill Road. The residents south of Campbell west of Henry Drive will remain in “GO” status. These roads include Linda Lane, Rodeo Drive, Lupine Lane, Pinon St, Paintbrush Ln, and El Oro Drive. Sheriff’s officials remind residents that they are still in “Set” status and that if the fire threatens the community, they will be put back into “Go.” Timberline and Fernwood area still in “Go,” but that is being evaluated as the day goes along.

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