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Gas Prices In Arizona Saw A Spike Of Over Eight-Cents A Gallon On Average As Crude Oil Prices Remain High

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Gas prices in Arizona made a big jump since last week. Triple-A Arizona says the average price of gas is $3.40 a gallon, which is eight-and-a-half cents higher than last week on average. In Flagstaff, gas prices jumped six-cents a gallon to $3.58 on average. Some stations are selling gas for $3.45 and lower. In Prescott, gas prices were up nearly nine-cents a gallon from last week to $3.40 a gallon. Some stations are selling gas for $3.30 and lower. Triple-A spokesman Aldo Vazquez says crude oil prices continue to keep driving up gas prices. He says, “crude oil is now closing daily at above $80 per barrel.” He adds, “for comparison, in August the cost was in the low $60.” Vazquez says some of the reasons for the high oil prices is still pandemic related, primarily due to the Delta Variant, along with supply chain issues. Unfortunately, Vazquez doesn’t expect gas prices to come down anytime soon.

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