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Gas Prices Continue To Fall Around Arizona As Demand Is Lower, And So Are Oil Prices

Gas prices in Arizona continue to fall as the price of oil remains under $100 a barrel for the second straight week. Triple-A Arizona says the average price of gas is $4.55 a gallon this week, with is down 17-cents a gallon from a week ago. Diesel gas is down 16-cents on average this week to $5.33 a gallon. Spokesman Aldo Vazquez says the reasons gas prices continue to head lower are simple. He says, “a steady decline is due to low domestic demand for gasoline, although prices remain in the mid-90s per barrel.” Vazquez adds, “the price of gas has now fallen every day since setting a record of $5.01 on June 14th.” In Flagstaff, the price of regular gas is down about 15-cents a gallon this week to $4.68 a gallon. Some stations are selling gas for $4.57 and lower. Diesel in Flagstaff is down 18-cents a gallon to $5.41 on average. In Prescott, regular gas is down over 13-cents a gallon to $4.66 on average. Diesel is also down 13-cents a gallon this week to $5.49.

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