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Gas Prices Continue To Climb In Arizona, However AAA Arizona Says The Climb Shows Signs Of Peaking

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The average price of gas is up again this week, put will the climb start to slow down and level off? Triple-A Arizona says prices at the pump are up an average of seven-cents a gallon in Arizona this week to $3.72 a gallon. Spokesman Aldo Vazquez says “since October 30th the national average has fallen on nine different days after rising steadily over the previous 31 days. Unfortunately the tight supply of crude oil will likely keep gas prices fluctuating instead of dropping.” He adds, “pump prices will likely remain elevated as long as oil prices continues to be above $80 per barrel.” In Flagstaff, gas is also up seven-cents a gallon on average this week to $3.84 a gallon. Some stations are selling gas for $3.79 and lower. In Prescott, prices at the pump are up six-cents a gallon to $3.65. Some stations are selling gas for $3.49 and lower. Yesterday, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly sent a letter to the Biden administration urging them to explain their plans on tackling the rising costs of gas prices in Arizona. Kelly stressed the importance of working with state regulators to make sure there hasn’t been any unfair pricing or market forgery going on in the state.

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