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Gas Prices Are Up Again This Week, Primarily Due To Slower Gas Production

Gas prices are up again this week. Triple-A Arizona says the average price of gas in the state is up nearly seven-cents a gallon from last week to $3.07 a gallon. Triple-A spokesman Aldo Vazquez says “pump prices are increasing as refinery utilization is at an all-time low and crude oil prices surge.” He says because of the record low output from refineries currently, “gasoline supplies are tightening, demand is modestly increasing, and crude oil prices on the rise, cheap prices are in the rear view mirror for the immediate future.” He says we may see some relief at the pumps by summer. In Flagstaff, gas is up ten-cents a gallon from last week to $3.08 on average. In Prescott, gas is up nearly ten-cents a gallon from last week to $3.05 a gallon.

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