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Full Closure Of The Coconino National Forest Could Come Soon With Senator Sinema’s Help

A full closure of the Coconino National Forest could come soon and Senator Kyrsten Sinema is pushing to get it done quick. At Tuesday’s public meeting, Nick Glidden from the Coconino National Forest said they submitted a request to regional forest officials to close the forest until enough rain falls to reopen it. Fire officials say closing the forest isn’t the easiest, or quickest, process. They have to put together evidence and submit a request to regional offices. If it passes a committee, it goes to the national office, which again has to pass a committee before the closure is approved. Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema talked with KAFF News Wednesday and says she’s pushing the forest service to get it done. The reason she says is “because of the intense and dangerous fire weather and fire trends.” Sinema adds, “we’re pushing FEMA to get those fire management assistance grants out the door. They’ve already issued them, we want to make sure they are helping people right away.” Resources on the Coconino National Forest have improved greatly over the past week, so if a new fire were to start, they have enough people to fight it, and patrol the forest, if it were to be closed. She is offering her help to any victims from the fire. “My office is here to help,” the Senator says. She adds, “they can reach out to us at (602) 598-7327. Only two structures have been destroyed in the Pipeline and Haywire fires. One was a home, the other was an outbuilding. As for potential flooding, Chris Tressler of Coconino County Public Works says the Pipeline Fire burned through the Schultz Fire scar. He says they expect flooding in the Schultz Fire area this Monsoon season. For more information on either fire, call the information line at (928) 679-8525.

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