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Former Member Of Yavapai Silent Witness’ “Catch 22” Program Found Guilty On Fraud And Theft Charges

A woman, who was once Day 16 of Yavapai Silent Witness’s “Catch 22” program, was found guilty on fraud and theft charges by a Yavapai County jury Monday. Officials say 43-year-old Krista Cline was initially arrested in connection with at least two cases of taking money from two special needs patients in Sedona between January of 2016 and May of 2017. She transferred more than 100-thousand dollars above and beyond her fees, services and costs while acting as a licensed caregiver for the two patients. As she was out on jail on bond, detectives received numerous calls alleging fraud against additional victims. In one case, she was hired to serve as a caretaker for a Cottonwood man in 2014. After his death in the same month, she paid herself more than 38-thousand dollars for services she handled on his living will. She also transferred additional money from his account to hers. Cline allegedly emptied the man’s trust account and wouldn’t cooperate with his family. She was captured in Texas last February.

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