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Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods Passed Away Saturday From An Apparent Heart Attack

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Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods passed away Saturday morning from an apparent heart attack. Woods was the state’s attorney general from 1991 through 1999, serving under governor’s Fife Symington and Jane Hull. Woods was considered a moderate Republican who had been outspoken about President Trump’s presidency and supported Joe Biden in 2018. Woods was good friends with the late Senator John McCain and delivered the eulogy at his funeral in 2020. Reaction and sympathies have poured in from all areas, including Governor Doug Ducey, Senators Kelly and Sinema and former Governor Jan Brewer. The Arizona Coyotes also sent their wishes. Woods was at the forefront to help keep the hockey team in Arizona, after threats surfaced about the team moving around ten years ago. He leaves behind his wife Marlene and five kids. Woods was 67-years-old.

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