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Forest Officials Are Asking The Public To Stay Away From The Museum Fire Burn Area

Coconino National Forest officials are telling the public to stay away from the Museum Fire burn scar area due to safety concerns. Officials closed Elden Lookout Road on Wednesday due to post-fire flooding and now they are asking people from recreating, mountain biking and walking or hiking along the road at all. Heavy equipment and dozers are operating on the road to clear debris from drains, but are experiencing a high number of people recreating along the road. With dozer operators having limited visibility from the cab, this can create a safety issue and hinders operators from conducting quick and efficient clearing of drains. Additionally, the area has unstable soils and continues to have a high likelihood of flash flooding, so the public should stay off the road and out of the Museum Fire burn scar area completely in order to stay safe and allow for clearing operations to continue.

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