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Flooding Hits Flagstaff Again, This Time Off The West Portion Of The Pipeline Fire Burn Scar

pic from Flagstaff PD

Flooding hit Flagstaff again Wednesday. This time flood waters overflowed the banks of Schultz Creek and shutdown Highway 180 for around an hour. Water went into the neighborhood off Stevanna Way, which has been affected by flood waters coming off the west side of the Pipeline Fire burn scar. The area saw water on Saturday, but some areas received about a foot more water Wednesday than it did last weekend. Waters from the neighborhood spilled into the Rio de Flag, and eventually into Francis Short Pond. The gush of flood waters into the pond forced water to spill back into the Rio de Flag at the other end of the pond, sending a lot of water through downtown Flagstaff and into the southside. Heavy rain remains a good possibility daily in Northern Arizona through the weekend and into next week.

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