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Flood Waters Close Roads In And Around NAU Saturday Night As Monsoon Storms Continue In Flagstaff

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Roads in and around Northern Arizona University had to be closed for a short time Saturday night after heavy rain fell once again in Flagstaff. According to Coconino County rain data, between one and nearly three inches of rain fell in west Flagstaff in a matter of a couple of hours. Heavy rain made Milton Road and roads at NAU flooded and impassable. NAU closed Pine Knoll and McConnell Drive, as well as University and San Francisco. Milton Road and University was also closed for a short time. Some rain fell over the Museum Fire flood area, but not enough to trigger flooding on the north side of Flagstaff. County officials say the ground is so saturated, just a moderate rainfall could trigger more flooding. The National Weather Service is calling for a good chance of heavy rain again Sunday, with more of a typical Monsoon pattern setting up Monday and lasting through at least the end of the week.

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