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Flagstaff’s CARE Unit Being Called A Success After The First Nine Weeks Of Operation

So far the new CARE Unit in Flagstaff is being deemed a success. The unit, which consists of a social worker from Terros and a Flagstaff Fire Department EMT, has been in operation since March 28th. They respond to calls involving the unsheltered population, suicidal and mental health response as well as responding to lower risk calls. The CARE unit has responded to 219 calls in the first nine weeks of operation. Eighty-two-percent of the calls have been for intoxication, eight-percent a medical issue, five-percent a connection to resources or services, three-percent suicidal calls and two-percent mental health reasons. Of those calls, 38-percent were left in the same location, 20-percent were cancelled, 17-percent were escalated medical calls and 16-percent were shelter drop offs. The unit averages ten-to-20 contacts a day and has been able to take a large strain off of first responders. The Flagstaff City Council will receive an update about the CARE Unit at Tuesday’s work session.

To read the breakdown of the CARE Unit’s work so far, that will be presented to council, click here:

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