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Flagstaff Sustainability Office Invites Flagstaff Residents To Join Climate Advisory Group

Residents of Flagstaff are invited to join a Climate Advisory Group hosted by the Flagstaff Sustainability Office, to help implement Flagstaff’s Carbon Neutrality Plan and bring resident’s voices into the plan. Climate Advisory Groups can provide advice on how to identify climate action opportunities, advance climate and carbon neutrality goals, and connect the City of Flagstaff with the residents and businesses within. There are three groups that people will be able to join in 2022: Youth Advisory Group, Business Advisory Group, and Equity Advisory Group. The City of Flagstaff is hoping to draw in members with diverse perspectives, networks, and expertise. To learn more, apply, or nominate someone, head to the City of Flagstaff webpage. Deadlines vary by group.

Click here to access the group.

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