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Flagstaff P&Z Commission Approves A Zoning Amendment Regarding Affordable Housing

The Flagstaff Planning and Zoning Commission voted to recommend the City Council approve an amendment to the zoning code to modify development standards for affordable housing. The two main standards discussed were to allow for less than one parking space per dwelling unit and requiring that an affordable housing development with 100-percent affordable units has similar quality to an ordinary market rate development. The standards would not allow modifications to aspects such as building height and outdoor lighting requirements. Commissioners Carole Mandino and Eric Nolan expressed concerns about allowing for fewer or even zero parking spaces, but Zoning Code Manager Daniel Symer said it would not be an absolute right. Symer noted the code amendment details standards that would have to be met in order for council to approve a parking reduction, such as close proximity to a transit stop. The amendment now goes to the City Council.

Nicholas Bratcher

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