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Flagstaff Mayor Paul Deasy Is Requesting All Records Into The Undercover Operation Into Human Trafficking In Flagstaff

Flagstaff Mayor Paul Deasy says he put in a request for all city and county public records associated with the 2019 undercover operation into possible human trafficking at Flagstaff massage parlors. He also wants police reports and Superior Court records. During the operation, at least one police officer said in a deposition that he went further, after he was touched in a sexual matter, because he was confused and didn’t know when to stop the situation. The City of Flagstaff issued a press release Wednesday saying, “in each case, the undercover officer requested and paid for only a message.” They add, “sexual contact was initiated by the person providing the massage and the contact was terminated by the undercover officer once it was determined to be overtly sexual in nature.” Police went on to say, “the undercover officer did not participate in any sexual acts.” Deasy also said in a statement “should our officers be ordered to start receiving sexual acts in human trafficking investigations, even if those acts are not completed, or are there other ways to make the case?” He adds, “Is this the best way to protect women who are victims of trafficking.” Deasy said he wasn’t aware of the operation until it was made public.

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