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Flagstaff Fire Crews Respond To A Mobile Home Fire Sunday

Flagstaff Fire crews tended to a mobile home fire Sunday in East Flagstaff. Three engines responded to the home in the Mobile Haven neighborhood. When they arrived they saw smoke coming from several parts of the home. First units found active fire burning in the rear of the home, with smoke and flames seen inside. The occupants of the home were able to get out, but they couldn’t find their three dogs and pet lizard. Firefighters quickly went into the home to put out the fire and secure the structure. They found all four pets and safely reunited them with the homeowner. Fire officials say 20 firefighters spent nearly three hours to ensure the fire was put out. They say mobile home fires pose a unique and tough challenge to firefighters, as they are often difficult to access and thoroughly extinguish due to the way some of them are constructed, modified or remodeled. An estimated damage cost has not yet been compiled and a cause of the fire is unknown. No one was injured in the incident.

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