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Flagstaff City Council To Discuss Climate Change In Work Session Tuesday

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The Flagstaff City Council is holding a work session Tuesday at the Council Chambers. There will be a presentation that updates the City of Flagstaff’s Economic Development Program from 2021, and they will receive updates on the Cinder Lake Landfill and “ReThink Waste Plan.” Council will also discuss how to advance resilience in Flagstaff. The NAU Climate Science and Solutions Graduate Program will present their results from a semester-long project studying the resilience in Flagstaff and addressing opportunities for action. Resilience strategies that will be discussed are current climate conditions, tools that local residents can utilize, and solutions that prioritize more climate-vulnerable individuals. The work session starts at 3 p.m. and there is limited seating in council chambers. The session will also be broadcast on the city’s website.

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