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Flagstaff City Council Approves Ordinance To Implement Fees To Obtain Body Cam Footage

The Flagstaff City Council has decided follow a new state law that allows cities to implement their own fees to obtain body cam footage. The law was passed during the last legislative session and took effect in October. Flagstaff was one of the first cities in the state to use body cams for its police officers. Flagstaff Police Chief Dan Musselman made the request in front of council Tuesday. “Based on the state law we’d like to ask to recover the fee of 46 per video hour redacted,” stated Musselman at Tuesday’s council meeting. The new fees will help offset the costs with video requests. The fee is $46, only if the request is a full hour. Smaller videos will cost less. From July of 2022 to last July, Flagstaff Police received over 130 requests for footage that took over 200 hours to just review. The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office had an $85 an hour fee, but the county Board of Supervisors approved lowering the fee to abide by the new law. Council passed the ordinance Tuesday. The second read and final vote on the ordinance will take place at the February 6th meeting.

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