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Flagstaff Airport Has Had The Ninth Greatest Snowfall Total In Its History

graph by the National Weather Service

The 2022-23 winter season will finish in the top-ten greatest snowfall seasons of all-time. Currently, Flagstaff’s Pulliam Airport has 142.9-inches of snow measured this season, which is ninth all-time. The most snow in a season came in 1972-73 when 210-inches of snow fell. The Flagstaff Airport would normally get around 90-inches of snow in a winter. The North Rim of the Grand Canyon has seen just over 205-inches of snow this season, which is sixth all-time. The most snow that has fallen at the North Rim was 305.2 inches, which fell in 1978-79. Normally, the North Rim sees about 126-inches of snow in a winter. If the Flagstaff Airport gets another 16-inches of snow, they will crack the top-five.

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