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First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Speaks At Saturday’s Flagstaff Pride In The Pines

First Lady using her hands to speak at the podium with "Flagstaff Pride" written on it
First Lady Dr. Jill Biden at Pride in the Pines

First Lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden, spoke at Flagstaff’s pride festival “Pride in The Pines” on Saturday. She delivered an 8-minute speech to a sea of rainbows, touching on anti-LGBTQ legislature. She said that extremists are trying to roll back progress for LGBTQ rights. She said former President Donald Trump is a bully and a threat to the LGBTQ community. “History teaches us that our rights and freedom don’t disappear overnight,” the First Lady said. “They disappear slowly, subtly, silently.” The First Lady listed book bans, court decisions and the “Don’t Say Gay Bills” as examples. Pro-Palestine protestors shouted chants over the first few minutes of the First Lady’s speech until they were escorted away from the stage. Pro-Palestine protestors were also posted at the entrance to the festival to protest the Biden-Harris Administration’s involvement in the Israel-Hamas war. Some drag queens who were scheduled to perform dropped out in response to the First Lady’s presence at the event. After delivering her speech, the First Lady drove back to Pulliam Airport to reboard her plane to fly to California for a charity event.

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