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Day 16 Of “Catch 22” Program Focuses On A Man Wanted On Aggravated Domestic Violence In Cottonwood

Today is Day 16 of Yavapai Silent Witness’ “Catch 22” Program. Today we focus on 25-year-old Darrin Allen Furlong. Back on November 2nd, 2020, Furlong got into an altercation with his alleged roommate in Cottonwood. Furlong proceeded to punch his roommate repeatedly in the face, then smashing the victim’s face into concrete, and kicking the victim in the head. Furlong then threatened to kill the victim. Furlong was charged and convicted of aggravated domestic violence due to previous domestic violence cases against him. He was also placed on probation, which he has since broken. Furlong is wanted on a nationwide extraditable probation violation warrant. His last known location was in Cottonwood. Furlong is a white male, six-feet-one-inch-tall, weighing 175 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. Yavapai Silent Witness is offering a cash reward of up to $500 for anyone with information leading to an arrest. To contact Yavapai Silent Witness, call 1-(800)-932-3232 or submit an anonymous tip online at

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