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Cottonwood Police Rescue A Lost 12-Year-Old Boy After He Encounters A Mountain Lion Sunday

Cottonwood Police assisted in the rescue of a lost 12-year-old boy following an encounter with a mountain lion Sunday afternoon. After encountering the lion at around 2:30, the boy stayed calm and called for help, telling authorities he was in the forest area west of Chuckwalla in Cottonwood. Two officers were first to arrive and quickly found the boy after he told officers were he was. The boy was found unharmed and was led to safety to be reunited with his mother. Officers say they didn’t see the lion, but its presence was likely due to the surroundings. If you are out hiking, remember to hike in groups and make noise to reduce the chance of surprising wildlife. Also if you come across a mountain lion, don’t run. Officials say to instead stand still speak loudly and wave your arms.

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