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Coconino County Still Struggles To Meet Demand For The COVID-19 Vaccine

Coconino County still struggles to obtain more supply of the COVID-19 vaccine. The county’s interim Health and Human Services Director Kim Musselman told the Board of Supervisors Tuesday they have the capacity to administer around 13-hundred doses of the vaccine a day, but are given fewer than 400 doses due to lack of supply. Because of the shortage, they can’t schedule more appointments. Officials say they receive usually less than 15-hundred doses a week total, but they need to be spread to all county operations and partners for the week. Board Chairman Matt Ryan says President Biden’s executive order to step up the number of vaccines is great, but it will “take weeks, if not months to accelerate vaccine distribution.” As of Tuesday, there have been nearly 20-thousand doses received and 12,740 vaccines given. The county has just over 72-hundred doses in reserve for appointments. For COVID-19 vaccine information, as well as appointment information, log onto the county’s website at

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