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Coconino County Receives Over 11-Million From The Flood Control Board To Begin More Flood Mitigation Projects

More flood mitigation projects on the Schultz Pipeline burn area are beginning today, thanks to recently approved funding. Coconino County Flood Control Director Lucinda Andreani tells KAFF News, the Flood Control District Board of Directors has decided to invest 11-and-a-half million dollars into a set of “small scale, shorter term, mitigation projects that can be implemented immediately.” The money for is coming from the county’s general fund in a loan to the Flood Control District.  Highlighting the projects include: constructing a set of berms over near Landfill Road, which she says “should reduce the flooding potential significantly into Doney Park” in the future. Other improved projects include ones in Wupatki Trails, Brandis, Campbell and Paintbrush corridors, mostly involving existing mitigation installed after the Schultz Fire flood effort. Construction on projects in these areas are expected to begin right away. Also, some of the sediment that collected in the Copeland retention ponds from this summer’s floods will go to construct the berms, and will also be available for residents in the near future. For any questions on the projects, obtaining low-interest loans and other information involving flood impacts, call (928) 679-8325 or log onto the Schultz Pipeline Flood Area website.

To hear the interview with Lucinda and Dave, click here:  

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