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Coconino County Is Very Close To Meeting All Three Benchmarks For Schools

Coconino County is very close to meeting all three benchmarks when it comes to schools being able to return to in-person instruction. New numbers released Thursday indicate the county has met two of the three benchmarks with less than 100 cases per 100-thousand for two weeks and two straight weeks with hospital visits for COVID-like illness below ten-percent. The last benchmark, two consecutive weeks with percent positivity below seven percent, went below the mark for the week of August 9th, to 2.3-percent. If that rate stays below seven by the next update from the state, the county will have cleared all three benchmarks, which means students in the county could start returning to the classroom, pending a decision by a city or town’s school board. On the business reopening side, the county is in moderate status, with two of three categories in minimal. Cases per 100-thousand is still in the yellow at 47. To be in minimal status, the county needs to be below ten for two straight weeks.

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