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Coconino County Invites The Public To Provide Input On The Redistricting Process

Coconino County is inviting the public to provide input to the redistricting process the county is beginning to do. Every ten years, based on US Census data, supervisorial districts must be redrawn so that each district is substantially equal in population. In Coconino County, the Board of Supervisors is responsible for drawing these supervisorial districts pursuant to state and federal law. Since the last Census in 2010, the population of Coconino County has grown in some districts, but not in others. District boundaries are revised to ensure redistricting guidelines are met. Residents of Coconino County can visit the redistricting website for an interactive map that displays the latest Census numbers by district and ethnicity as well as population changes. The county will be share additional details soon on the county’s website and social media channels for public input and participation. The public is invited to visit the county’s redistricting website in the meantime to learn more about the process and how to participate. The final adoption of the revised district lines will occur on December 1st. More information can be found at

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