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Coconino County Health Officials Discover Several Rabid Skunks In Areas Of Flagstaff

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Coconino County Health officials say several skunks found in the Greenlaw and Coconino Estates areas of Flagstaff have tested positive for rabies. Officials say one person has been exposed to rabies by a skunk and is being treated. Rabies is a virus spread by the bite of an infected animal or direct contact with the saliva of an infected animal. In Arizona, bats, skunks and foxes are the main animal sources of rabies. Rabies causes severe damage to the central nervous system and usually leads to death once symptoms appear. However, effects of the virus are preventable if treated quickly. Officials say to avoid wildlife, keep all pets current on vaccinations and obey leash laws, never pick up or touch wild or unfamiliar animals and report any wild animals exhibiting erratic or aggressive behavior. For more information log onto

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