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CAZFM Fire Marshal Stops To Help A State Trooper Put Out A Spot Fire Along I-17 Wednesday Morning

A member of Central Arizona Fire and Medical lent a hand Wednesday morning after a grass fire started on Interstate-17. Fire Marshal Darrell Tirpak was driving down the interstate when he was passed by a State Trooper bound for an emergency call. Tirpak then saw smoke up ahead. He noticed a grass fire was burning just off the road, so he pulled over to help the trooper. Tirpak says “I grabbed the rake from by vehicle and began smothering the flames with dirt.” He adds, “there were four spot fires about three miles apart on the same side of the road, most likely caused by a vehicle towing a trailer that was dragging chains.” Firefighters from the Mayer Fire District were called to the scene and worked the other three spot fires. Dragging chains is one of the main causes of roadside wildland fires in Arizona. The chains contact the road, creating sparks that easily light the grass on fire and can spread quickly, threatening life and property.

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