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Cave Creek Man Arrested Saturday For Aggravated Assault On Law Enforcement, Among Other Charges

A Cave Creek man was arrested after refusing to pull over and attempted to charge his vehicle at a patrol vehicle Saturday. At around midnight, a Coconino County Sheriff’s Deputy was parked along Highway 64 North of Valle. While parked, the deputy saw a Jeep Cherokee traveling at a high rate of speed southbound. The Jeep then slammed their brakes before reversing at the patrol vehicle at a dangerous speed. The Jeep then sped off again, as the deputy followed with emergency lights and sirens on. The Jeep proceeded to stop again, attempting to reverse back into the patrol car, then continued southbound in the northbound lane of Highway 64. The deputy stopped the pursuit due to the danger it could bring to the public. But, when the deputy backed off, the Jeep made a u-turn and sped at the patrol vehicle, almost making contact with the driver’s side. The Jeep then continued northbound with the deputy following behind. Eventually, the deputy lost sight of the Jeep. Shortly after, the deputy located the Jeep again and attempted to block the highway with his patrol vehicle, but the Jeep used its front bumper to push against the patrol car in hopes of moving it. After many failed attempts, the Jeep went around the patrol vehicle and was then spotted by a trooper from the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The trooper was able to use a PIT maneuver to bring the Jeep to a halt. The driver is identified as 32-year-old Christopher Lasita, who reportedly stopped another motorist on Highway 64 and discharged a firearm. Lasita has been booked into the Coconino County Detention Facility on charges of aggravated assault on law enforcement, endangerment, criminal damage, unlawful flight from law enforcement, aggressive driving, and reckless driving.

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