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Card Skimmer Recently Found At A Prescott Valley Circle K

It’s an increasing problem across the state. Criminals are placing credit and debit card skimmers on gas pumps to try and steal PIN numbers and commit fraud. Prescott Valley Police say a skimmer was found in a gas pump at the Circle K at 6150 North Highway 69 in Prescott Valley recently. The skimmer has been removed and gas can be safely purchased at the store. Two more skimmers have been found in the Prescott area recently. Officials say there are precautions consumers can take when they buy gas. Paying cash or walking inside to use your card is one precaution to take. Older pumps are more susceptible to skimmers, so when possible use newer pumps and stations. Also, keep an eye on your accounts to make sure no fraudulent charges are being made. If you see an issue, call your bank as soon as possible and report charges to their fraud department. After contacting your bank, call local authorities.

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