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Both Lake Marys South of Flagstaff are Filling Up Quickly Thanks to Snowmelt and Recent Rains

Upper and Lower Lake Mary, south of Flagstaff, are filling up after recent rains have quickly started melting the snow. Water has reached the spillway on Upper Lake Mary after the water line had been many feet away for some time. Lower Lake Mary has been at, or near, empty for a couple of years. As of Thursday runoff from the hills surrounding the lake, coupled with snowmelt from in the lake itself, has returned water to the lake. There’s still a long way to go to fill both lakes, but with added snowmelt, coupled with additional rain and snow to the area, the lakes could be back to normal by summer. When full, both lakes are popular for fishing, with Upper Lake Mary the home to water skiing and other recreational fun. Lower Lake Mary provides water to the City of Flagstaff, when lake levels allow.

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