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Authorities Rescued A Mom And Her Young Daughter From The Verde River Sunday In Cottonwood

pic courtesy of the Cottonwood Police Department

A mother and her eight-year-old daughter had to be rescued from the Verde River Sunday afternoon in Cottonwood after they got separated from family while floating down the river. Cottonwood Police say the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office requested help in finding the two near the Bignotti river access. The mother called 9-1-1, saying they were stranded on a large rock and her phone’s battery was critically low. Law enforcement was able to get a position to where they were and responded. Cottonwood Police officer Schoemaker, found the two and carried the girl on his back to safety. They had minor injuries and were dehydrated but otherwise okay. They became separated from family en route to the Thousand Trails river access, starting at the Black Canyon river access point. They were three-quarters of a mile away from the family when they were found. Remember if you are out on a hot summer’s day, make sure you have plenty of water and that your cell phone is fully charged.

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