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Arguments For And Against Proposed Election Questions For The City Of Flagstaff Due August 7th

Arguments for and against proposed election questions in the City of Flagstaff must be submitted by August 7th. Before the November 5th election, each household with a registered voter will receive a pamphlet. This pamphlet will include for and against questions Proposition 487 and 488. If you’re interested in submitting an argument, do so before 5 p.m. August 7th. Each argument must not exceed 300 words and the sworn statement of the person sponsoring it and if submitted by a political organization it should include the sworn statement of the chairman or treasurer. Prop 487 is a measure to continue collect of City Lodging, Restaurant and Lounge tax, or BBB. Prop 488 is to increase the sales tax from .295-percent to .5-percent, to be used for the purposes of public transit and continue collecting the tax for an additional ten years, ending in 2040. To submit a for or against argument on either proposition, email them to

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