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A Severe Thunderstorm Leaves Damage Across Prescott Valley And Prescott Sunday

A severe thunderstorm that moved through the area Sunday left a lot of damage, closed the Prescott Airport for a short time and had Central Arizona Fire and Medical crews busy. A funnel cloud was even spotted in Prescott and Chino Valley. Fire officials say the Elks Lodge in Prescott Valley suffered extensive damage to their roof. Thankfully there were no people inside the building at the time or on the outside when two large air conditioning units flew off the roof. Utilities were disconnected to the building and the adjoining RV park was evacuated, due to the threat of further storms blowing structural components off the roof. Fire officials say other calls for service during the storm included downed power lines, a lightning strike to a city water pump house building that ignited a fire, a fallen tree into a house, broken windows and two trampolines that took flight landing on power lines. There were no injuries reported in any of the instances. The National Weather Service is calling for an uptick of Monsoon storms this week and lasting through the weekend.

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