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A Prescott Valley Resident Recently Lost $4,000 In A Facebook Scam

A Prescott Valley resident is the victim of a new Facebook scam. Prescott Valley Police recently received a call from a citizen who was a victim of fraud. The person told police he received messages over Facebook from alleged former high school classmates, informing him of a new program from the Department of Health and Human Services where they received $200-thousand dollars. After responding to the alleged former classmates, the victim was contacted over Facebook by a “representative” from DHHS, who then set the victim up in the “program.” The suspect then asked the man for an initial investment of 800-dollars, payable in gift cards. Once that was paid, the suspect continued to ask for more money, always payable in gift cards, though there was never any money returned. The victim lost about four-thousand dollars in the scam. Police remind residents if something sounds too good to be true, it’s a scam. Also, no company will ask for payment in gift cards and a government agency won’t contact you over Facebook. For more information, contact Prescott Valley Police.

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