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A New Mexico Man Wanted In Connection With The Death Of His Child’s Mother Was Arrested Last Week Near Sanders

A man wanted in connection with the death of the mother of his three-and-a-half year old child was arrested last week near the New Mexico-Arizona state line. KOB-TV reports that 26-year-old Zion Gibson killed 25-year-old Rosa Trujillo with their daughter nearby back on May 23rd. Investigators told KOB that Trujillo called 911 in Lovington, New Mexico after Gibson showed up at her house. The dispatcher herd Trujillo yell that Gibson broke a window and had a gun. Then the sound of gunfire was heard and Trujillo was killed. Authorities also told KOB, Gibson then called the victim’s parents and told them to check on the child because he had just killed Trujillo. Gibson then left for Arizona. He reportedly was pursued by Arizona state troopers after they took over the pursuit after he crossed the state line later that day. Gibson then crashed his car soon after crossing into Arizona and surrendered peacefully after a brief standoff. KOB says he is the Apache County Jail in St. Johns waiting to be sent back to New Mexico to face charges of first-degree murder, child abuse and burglary.

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