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A Man Passed Away Saturday On A Trail Near Watson Lake In Prescott

A man passed away Saturday afternoon on Watson Circle Trail near Watson Lake in Prescott. Prescott 911 received a call regarding a person in distress on the trail at around 4 p.m. A 69-year-old man, was apparently hiking alone, asked a passerby for help. Both people went a little farther down the trail, when the man sat down in the shade and passed out. The passerby started to do CPR after no pulse was found. When crews arrived, they made contact with the two and started life-saving measures on the 69-year-old. After about 20 minutes the man was pronounced dead at the scene. Officials say the man appeared prepared for the hike, but temperatures reached 90 degrees on the trail. If you plan to hit the trails, make sure you have plenty of water, a fully-charged cell phone, snacks and appropriate clothing for the conditions.

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