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A Keams Canyon Man Arrested For Driving Drunk On Southbound I-17 Thursday

State troopers were able to successfully stop a drunk driver on Interstate-17 Thursday afternoon by using a pit maneuver. Spokesman Bart Graves says officers responded to calls of an erratic driver southbound on I-17 near Cordes Junction. He says “multiple callers reported a gold, four-door sedan weaving all over the road and not staying in its lane.” He added, “troopers located the vehicle and witnessed the same described driving behavior.” Because troopers were concerned about what could happen, the decision was made to execute the maneuver near Black Canyon City. After the vehicle was stopped, 37-year-old Ryan Begay of Keams Canyon was arrested and booked into the Maricopa County Jail on charges for aggravated DUI and unlawful flight.

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