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A Cocker Spaniel Pup Got Put On Flight To Flagstaff From Dallas-Fort Worth Tuesday, While Parents Were In Phoenix

pic courtesy of Flagstaff's Pulliam Airport

A dog, who was aboard an American Airlines flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Flagstaff, has quite the story about his travels. Flagstaff Pulliam Airport officials say Tony, a cocker spaniel pup, was placed on a flight by a breeder in Missouri to Dallas-Fort Worth at 3:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. While at the airport in Dallas, Tony was placed aboard a plane to Flagstaff. When Tony got off the plane, no one was there to get him. Airport officials say that’s because his parents didn’t know Tony had put on a plane to Flagstaff until he arrived, and airport staff called them. Tony’s parents thought he was being flown to Phoenix. However, Flagstaff Airport staff had no problem looking after the pooch until they made it up the mountain take him home. Airport officials say Tony received a lot of love during his brief stay.

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