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A Big Vote Is Underway At Continental Country Club

A big vote is underway at Continental Country Club in East Flagstaff. Residents are deciding whether or not to approve a raise in HOA fees and a one-time special assessment of $2,000. The reason for the increases are due to ongoing financial concerns involving Lake Elaine, a $600-thousand balloon payment due regarding irrigation of the golf course and ongoing deferred maintenance to some of the amenities. It’s those reasons why the Club went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February of 2021. Continental Country Club General Manager Talia Murray says “if approved, the one-time assessment can be paid over two years by residents and HOA fees wouldn’t go up until 2024 and increase over three years.” She adds however, “if the plan isn’t approved, Chapter 11 could turn into Chapter Seven and assets within the club could be sold off to pay for the current debt.” That could mean events like, the annual Easter Egg hunt, breakfast with Santa and Lights on the Lawn could be in jeopardy. The biggest problem over the years has been Lake Elaine, which has been an issue for nearly 30 years, with costs and fines building over time. If the plan is approved, Murray says there are two options that can be done with the land. She says, “option one is deeding the property over to the Lake Elaine Homeowners and giving a lump sum payout of $2.5-million for them to be able to do an improvement on the lake as to what they would like, or option two is taking the $2.5-million and us creating a new amenity, which has four-to-five ponds, walking trails and benches which is open to all of the homeowners.” Absentee ballots are due at the clubhouse by Thursday at 5 p.m., or residents can vote in person Saturday morning at 9 a.m. at Sinagua Middle School, where the vote count will take place.

To hear Peter and Dave’s interview with Continental Country Club General Manager Talia Murray, click here: 

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