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Blue Ridge Schools Are Closed Until Monday In The Wake Of An Attack Of A 19-Year-Old By High School Students

Blue Ridge schools are closed until Monday after unspecified threats and possible vandalism and destruction in the wake of an attack of a 19-year-old Sunday at Show Low Lake. Show Low Police say Joey Jaurique was lured to the lake by a 17-year-old girl at around 10 p.m. When they arrived the two teenage boys, one 16 and the other 17-years-old, attacked the victim. Police believe the assault was planned. All involved were from Lakeside. Jaurique was airlifted to a Phoenix area hospital for treatment, but has been released and is recovering at home. The Arizona Interscholastic Association confirms at least one of the suspects is a member of the Blue Ridge High School football team. All three suspects are still going to school and participating in athletics. Show Low Police are recommending the three be charged with aggravated assault disfigurement and conspiracy, with an added suggestion of a facilitation charge for the girl. The Navajo County Attorney’s Office tells KAFF News they haven’t received referrals on the suspects yet and expect to get the case “once the Show Low Police Department is done with its investigation.” Navajo County Attorney Brad Carlyon says “I cannot ethically let you know about any charging decision before the juveniles know, it would be unfair for them to read about the charges in a paper or on social media prior to be given notice through the court.”

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