Vaccines A “Silver Lining” To The Dark Cloud Of COVID-19

Two brands of COVID-19 vaccines are about to become public and given to health care workers and those living and working in long-term health care facilities. Dr. David Englethaler from TGen North in Flagstaff says the vaccines are the “silver lining” in what has been a dark cloud regarding the virus over most of this […]

TGen North’s Engelthaler Says COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Ready Soon

As cases of COVID-19 increase around the state and the country, there is some good news regarding the coronavirus. David Engelthaler, co-director of TGen North of Flagstaff, joined Peter and Dave Thursday morning on KAFF Country 93.5/AM 930 and says there may a coronavirus vaccine ready to go soon. He says “in the next week […]

College Students Can Play A Huge Role Regarding COVID-19

The next two-to-four-weeks may play a big role in what comes next regarding COVID-19. Dr. David Engelthaler from TGen North in Flagstaff joined Peter and Dave Friday morning on KAFF Country 93.5/AM 930 and says with the holiday weekend, and especially a return to college life on campus, it’s a key time for COVID-19. He […]