Navajo Nation Is Continuing Its Shelter-In-Place Through Christmas

The Navajo Nation continues to step up precautions as cases of COVID-19 continue to rise on the reservation. A stay-at-home lockdown for the entire Navajo Nation has been extended through at least December 28th. Tribal officials say these measures are intended to further ensure an effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic by restricting movement of […]

Navajo Nation Goes Into Three Week “Stay-At-Home” Order

The Navajo Nation is stepping up precautions as cases of COVID-19 rise again on the reservation. An executive order goes into effect Monday, implementing a three-week stay-at-home lockdown for the entire Navajo Nation. The order implements new safety provisions and requirements for businesses, and calls for schools to implement online learning only. There will also […]

The Navajo Nation Is Back Into A Stay At Home Order Due To COVID-19


The Navajo Nation is back into a stay at home order. The order was made Sunday by President Jonathon Nez and it requires all individuals on the Navajo Nation to stay at home and strictly limit movement within and outside of their immediate communities, and limit public contact with others. Individuals may leave their place […]

Nez: Navajo Nation Reached Its Peak Of COVID-19 Hospital Stays A Month Early

Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez announced Tuesday the “Nation” has already reached its peak of COVID-19 hospital stays, and did so a month early. Nez said the projection for this peak was in mid-May. He says “we reached our peak of emergency room visits in full capacity of our health care facilities on the Navajo […]

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Extends Stay At Home Order To May 15th, With Modifications

Governor Doug Ducey has extended his stay-at-home order for Arizona. The governor said Wednesday, “our stay home, stay healthy, stay connected order will be extended to May 15th, with some modifications.” Ducey says he made the decision to return in two weeks, based on current COVID-19 numbers in the state. He says trends are starting […]

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Issues “Stay Home” Order Starting Tuesday

A “Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected” order will go into effect Tuesday at 5 p.m. for the state of Arizona. Governor Doug Ducey made the announcement at a press briefing Monday afternoon. He says “limit your time away from home, except to participate in essential activities or essential services.” Ducey says the order does […]